The Miracle Skin Treatment.

So as a few of you will know I have suffered with adult acne for all my 20s... devastating I know. I have tried endless amounts of creams and tablets from the doctors but as soon as I stopped taking or using them my skin would go right back to where it began. Personally, I do believe that my skin is a result of an intolerance to dairy, but that is another story.
Anyway I stumbled across a treatment whilst working for Bobbi brown which is hands down the best thing I have ever tried on my skin. This treatment is part of the Bobbi brown skin remedies range. This range is made up of 7 super concentrated treatments for different skin concerns, this includes:

  • Skin brightner

  • Skin wrinkle treatment

  • Skin reviver

  • Skin moisture solution

  • Skin fortifier and strength recovery

  • Skin relief

  • Skin clarifier

The one that I want to talk to you all about is the skin clarifier, I literally cannot speak any higher of a product. The difference you see after just one night of using this product is incredible. The first night I used this product I applied it after cleansing and without moisturiser, as I find this product is super moisturising because of the nourishing oils it includes. I went to bed with angry blemishes that were sore and uncomfortable. I woke up and couldn’t believe what I saw... all of the angry blemishes were no longer inflamed and my skin looked calmer and glowing.
The ingredients have Manuka, sea buckthorn and rosehip oils which are all designed to balance the skin as oil and acne problems sometimes are from a lack of hydration in the skin so it is vital you still hydrate your skin. It also includes salicylic acid which is the ingredient that clears out the pores and purifies the skin.
I honestly believe this product will beat any medication you could get from your doctor and highly recommend you get to your local Bobbi brown or click on the link to shop.