My 3 top Tips to perfect Makeup Application.


1.      Keep your brushes clean

Imagine you are trying to re decorate your house… imagine wanting to paint your walls bright white from black… now imagine dipping your old paint brush that’s covered in dry stail black paint into your brand-new white paint… now imagine brushing that brush along your black walls for the first time, feeling its bristles stiffly graze the walls and your beautiful white paint appearing grey and dull. You wouldn’t let this happen, would you?? So why do we allow our manky foundation brush that has never seen a bit of fairy washing up liquid in its life, touch our face every day? Or our eye shadow brush that at the weekend created a black smoky eye to then go on and create a subtle brown smoke? It baffles me. Your tools are as good as your make up will get, dirty tools= bad make up. Dirty tools can also= bad skin, due to all that built up bacteria growing in your bristles which is enough to finish any germ phobe off. So enough of my ranting I’m sure I’ve grossed you all out enough, so here is my top tips for cleaning your brushes:

·        Fairy washing up liquid works a treat

·        Do not use overly hot water and do not let it go past the bristles as this can melt the glue and then you’ll lose a beloved brush.

·        Leave them to dry naturally by laying them out on a towel, do not use a hair dryer or radiator.

·        If you would like a quick way to clean your brushes then I like to use IPA which is pure alcohol, this quickly cleans your brushes and they dry instantly. However, a deep clean using water and fairy is required as over use of the IPA can make the bristles dry. (this is my instant cleaner in between clients) Ebay is the best place to purchase IPA (do not leave around young children)

·        Other brush cleansers can be bought from make up brands such as MAC and Bobbi Brown.


2.      The floppy hand

This may sound weird, but I promise I know where I am going with this. Okay so, I have found from watching various non-makeup artists that we tend to hold our brushes so tight and so close to the bristles. Honestly, I understand why we do it, because I used to do it, but its also why my blend wasn’t my friend back then. If you want smooth, soft edges to your make up then let the floppy hand come out. The trick is to keep your hand towards the end of the handle of the brush to allow the brush more movement and flexibility. You will instantly feel lighter with your hands and will get more movement from your wrist.

3.      Lets all be dabbers

Okay so, who loves to swirl their brush round and round and round their chosen eyeshadow until the whole brush can hardly breath because its so congested full of glorious orange pigment. I will be the first to admit it, I was once a swirler. Shocking I know. But swirlers aren’t bad people, swirlers just want a good dose of orange pigment, don’t they? However, swirlers can cause bad make up. Swirlers can cause eyeshadow not only on the eye but also on the cheek, that cheek that a second ago was covered in flawlessly applied foundation. Does this hurt you inside? Cause it does me slightly. So let’s become dabbers. To become a dabber, begin by lightly dabbing the tip of your chosen brush into your chosen eyeshadow until the brush holds enough pigment for a light wash of colour. Then repeat. Simple as that. Let me know if you’ve joined the dabbers society and what your thoughts are.